hua Ren


“Hua Ren Group”

“Hua Ren Group” was formed in Saint Petersburg in 1993. It became the first company with Chinese capital to implement the project of hotel complex, which was constructed during the period from 2000 to 2003 under the investment limitations. At the moment, investment portfolio of the Group exceeds 4, 5 billion U.S. dollars. “Hua-Ren Company” has good partnerships with biggest Chinese investment and building companies.

Shandong Dongbao Group Co.

Shandong Dongbao Group Co. is the big Chinese company that produces pipes for the various economic sectors – from public-service sector to steel pipes for petroleum industry. Actual company name appeared in 2005, before company was identified as “Dongying Dongbao Petroleum Machinery Co.”.



Wang Linan

“Hua Ren Group” Chief Executive Officer, the assistant general manager of Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s Business Club.


Li Zongbao

“Hua Bao International Investment Company” president, “Shandong Dongbao Group” chairman of board.