“Hua Bao International Investment Company” Ltd is planning to implement a variety of investment projects, beginning with Convention and Exhibition Center and Industrial Park.

Convention and Exhibition Center will be located in Krasnoselsky District and will occupy the area of more than 30 hectares. The Center is intended to hold the permanent exhibition of both Chinese and Russian leading companies, representing Energy development, Public utility, Electronics and Instrumentation. The complex surface covers more than 350’000 square meters. The Center will host high-status international conferences and exhibitions that Saint Petersburg had no capacity to organize before. According to the idea of the Convention and Exhibition Center, the measurable attention will be devoted to leisure activities and recreational zone that aim to fulfil the needs of Krasnoselsky district residents as well as other Saint Petersburg citizens.

According to the layout, Industrial park will occupy the surface of 50 hectares in Kolpino district. The future residents that will be represented by both Chinese and Russian companies as well as by companies registered in countries, which are members of Shanghai Cooperation Organization, will be provided with land use engineering. Total amount of industrial parks in Russian Federation is planning to exceed 5 districts, the first to be created in Saint Petersburg. The complex surface will cover about 400’000 square meters so that the industrial park can accommodate 5-7 companies.