Meeting with representatives of Chinese company “Hua Bao”.

The Chairman of investments committee Irina Babyuk held a business meeting with the Hua Bao International investment company management. In mid-march, the company and Saint Petersburg Government signed the Agreement on implementation of two investment projects whereby Hua Bao is intending to build an Industrial park and Convention & Exhibition Center in Saint Petersburg.

The Government has already suggested land parcels to these projects according to the projects rules and investor wishes. Industrial park that aims to manufacture medical facilities will be edified on one of the industrial sites of south part of the city, while Convention & Exhibition Center is to be set up in Krasnoselsky district – as is reported by Irina Babyuk.

She also said that during the meeting Chinese partners suggested the project’s specification, thus, Convention and Exhibition Center would include conference and exhibition halls, 3-4-stars hotel, recreational area and spacious parking. The Center intends to hold the permanent exhibition of both Chinese and Russian leading companies, representing Energy development, Public utility, Electronics and Instrumentation. The complex surface covers more than 350’000 square meters, while investment amount is estimated to be 7 billion rubles.

 According to the layout, Industrial park will occupy the surface of 50 hectares. The complex surface will cover about 400’000 square meters so that the industrial park can accommodate 5-7 high-technology companies. Expected amount of investment is estimated to be 9 billion rubles. Industrial park will focus on medical facilities manufacturing such as ultrasonography scanners, video endoscopes, anesthetic machines, surgical instruments, medical expendable materials, etc. This industrial park will become the pilot project in Russia, with total amount of such industrial parks to exceed 5 parks.

“Hua Bao International Investment Company” took part in the MIPIM 2014 International real estate show in Cannes. The result was the ratification of the Agreement with Saint Petersburg Government on implementation of two projects: the construction of Industrial park and Convention & Exhibition Center. On the part of Saint Petersburg the Agreement was signed by the Chairman of investments committee Irina Babyuk, while “Hua Bao” CEO Wang Linan signed it from the Chinese part.